Rider's Choice

(Karl Wallevik) #1


Tried the 60 minute rider’s choice today, but resistance kept changing with the terrain. I thought the point of rider’s choice was that the course would be flat? And further to this: how does “erg mode” work with this type of workout?

Otherwise huge fan of a great product!

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(Stef Levolger) #2

Worked for me before if I recall correctly. However, tried using it today, but it did not take away the resistance for me either right now.

As an alternative what you can do if you want to ride with a pre-set wattage: select one of the advanced winter program recovery rides; adjust the FTP if you wish to change the wattage. Or simply not hook up the smart trainer. At least the Tacx Neo emulates a flat surface in that case.

(Karl Wallevik) #3

Thank you for your helpful comments and suggestions Stef, much appreciated. I will try one of the winter program recovery rides and see how I fare.

Kind regards,