Lots of CatC women only?

Hey folks,

Does anyone know if I a missing something… but it seems that there are LOADS of races where the CAT A and CAT B are open… but the CAT C is women only?



These are Tour of Watopia group ride events in which the A, B and C categories aren’t power based.

A is the long distance.

B is the short distance.

C is for women only - it may or may not be the same route as B.

All are 1-5 W/kg, so the full range of abilities.

The races are standard A-D categories as far as I can see.


Are you referring to the ToW Group Rides? If so, and if you look at the details, you’ll notice a few things: 1- they’re not races, they’re rides 2- A is the long ride, B is the short ride, and C is the ride for women only. ‘Categories’ here don’t refer to your typical w/kg racing cats.

If it makes you feel any better, if you are male (I think?) you can still ride in a women’s group ride. At least this is the way it works for “workout” rides, as there was about 50% men in the MFF women’s workout ride yesterday.

If you are seeing men on the MFF rides, they are gaming the system (no pun intended). These rides are open only to riders who have selected ‘Female’ in their profile. So, if you are seeing men that means they have gone into their profile and selected to be female, and then joined the ride. I’m not sure why people do this but, then again, I also don’t understand why the winner of one of yesterday’s Cat D crit races had a 4.3 wkg power output. Sometimes people are just going to do what they want.


Not legitimately.

I mean, it entirely defeats the purpose of women only rides.


And I honestly don’t know why men would want to join a women-only ride anyways. The chats are VERY different, generally-speaking, from those in the general group rides. For example, on a SWARM ride in which I recently participated (women-only), the chatter was all about sports bras, bibs vs shorts (with some gender-specific details thrown in), food, and general lamenting over individual weight.


@Nigel_Tufnel I dont think this is the case, as there is MALE kit for these rides. The avatars are male, thats how I know they are men?? Honestly I am female and I could care less.

the group workouts are open to both Women and Men, the group rides are Women only.


These are beginner-friendly workouts, designed by 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Kristin Armstrong. There will be a new workout each week and they are open to both men and women.

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Ah yes, @Shannon_Spinner did say workouts. My mistake!

I’m sure there are still men sneaking into the womens only rides, I don’t get it?

ok… thanks all… I guess I’ll need to look closer at the power ratios as I was sure that the CAT A CAT B power ratios were outside my limits.
If you’re saying that CAT C in these races/rides is just a useful categorisation to allow women only to ride together then I have no problems with that ….

… I was more concerned because I was looking for good races/rides and when I found one, and went to CAT C, it seemed to be limited.

I’ll watch out for it and come back if any more questions.