Lost Training Plan Progress [Nov 2022] [1.31]

I’m devastated - was in week 9 of the Build Me Up program - will seriously consider leaving Zwift if they can’t recover these 26+ workouts. Surely, there must be a way–

Update - although the workouts and badges for completed training plans are nonexistent on the Zwift app on Mac and iphone companion app, they still display on the Zwift app on my iphone, so I’m hoping they can pull this together quickly.

I’d really like an answer and a fix to this too. If I have to restart the training plan as the ‘solution’ I don’t think I will. I started on a specific day so that it would have the due dates on specific days and would end right on time for my ‘event’. Restarting throws all that off.

Does Zwift not do Beta roll-outs and testing? Training is a core component of Zwift, and you’d think that checking how an update would change mid-plan participants would be something that is in the automated test suites.

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Same for me lost several weeks riding on Gravel Grinder

Same for me.

How do you even log a ticket? I tried their chat support but gave up after more than 20 minutes of “waiting for associate”.

Why is this such an issue you would leave Zwift for? :smile: It’s good to let them know there is a bug but come.on… you did the trainings physically so you didn’t lose the progress. Just some stats in the training plan. See no reason to become angry :smiley:

Besides. If you really want a trainingplan for an upcomming event there are other apps that gives you a plan perfectly matched for you and your event. Zwift just offers us the basics


I basically went through the support menu at the bottom of the page and entered a subject I needed help with. I then scrolled to the bottom of all the help topics and there’s an option to log a ticket, by the “chat now” option. They don’t make it easy to find though.


I lost my training progress too, missing this weeks workouts. I am new on Zwift and started the Pebble training on a free month subscription. Today i planned the last ride of week 2., but after the update on Windows i lost progress on Pebble. Says “Enroll”. Happy to see that i can still use my smartphone where my progress i fine. Please solve this issue!!

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Same, week 7 of 12 and enrolment lost. Let’s hope enrolment and historic performance can be restored


Yeah same here.

If I keep re-enrolling, and doing the program on schedule, can I submit those later and get credit? That would be a decent solution for the current timeline…

I :heart: Zwift training. Hope it heals up soon! Thoughts and prayers

Yes lost all of mine too maybe trainer road doesn’t have as many issues. The app still shows them.

@Randy I think you are in the wrong bug report thread. This one is for the Zwift training plans. There is another thread for Trainer Road issues with this new update.
The Trainer Road specific thread is at: /t/training-peaks-workouts-went-away-nov-2022-1-31/593423/3

Bummed I was on 2nd week of FTP Builder and now everything lost. How do I get support on my account? Sounds like someone had it restored. I did re-enroll, but it restarted my week and when I click that I did the week one workouts, I get no credit for it. I’d rather have it restored…is that even possible for them or is it all wiped and gone?

I’ve got a support ticket in, and still haven’t heard back from the Zwift team about any fixes. When that email comes, I’ll definitely post here, but for now its solidly still in Zwift’s hands.

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TLDR: This does not seem to occur on mobile OS’s. If you would like to see your progress in a Training Plan, you can log in to the Zwift game app on iOS or Android and see that your progress data is not lost.

If you log in to Zwift on a mobile device (and you normally use PC or Mac) - very important thing to know: be sure to log out of Zwift on your mobile session before you start a session on the laptop or vice versa. Swiping a mobile app into the background is not the same as force-closing the mobile app. You want to exit Zwift, then force-close it. This is important.

We have a handle on fixing this on PC and macOS and will release a patch as soon as possible. Stay tuned to this thread for updates.


Is there anyway to recover an older plan? One of the first things I did was try to restart the plan hoping it would populate with the old data. I know I’m not alone in this. (Others have been restarting the plan for every workout to try and stay on top of the workouts).

By installing and checking the mobile app, the only plan I can get to show is this new ‘empty’ plan and not the partially completed ‘original’ plan.

What steps can I take to recover this original plan?

same, I allowed zwift to make changes via their update and lost my training plan progress. now it does not seem to be saving future workouts. I can find my entries in my history, but it is not recording or saving my entries into my “workout plan” . . . nor does it remind to do the next phase of my workout plant when I log in. I did try to re-register this morning but when I signed in tonight to see if it reset . . . nothing.

Problem is when i hit enroll it cleared the phone app which was showing it as still present … it also flipped my days from WEDS to Tuesday … I assume those days means you have until end of those days to finish as i took a rest day as i had one available to not sit on the bike … but oddly all the workouts forward all have due by Tuesday as no way can i do 12 weeks all by next tuesday =)

i re-installed zwift on my android phone as i use it for when i run at the gym … but it still only shows my recent enrollment and progress from the ride i did last night wiht all the others that i flagged i did it after this issue came up and i tried with enrolling again -_-

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Hey all,

I’ve decided to use mobile app and screen mirror it to the TV. Mobile app works and enrollment is still there after the update.

Yesterday I did not to try any new enrolments as I assumed it will overrun everything so just went for a run outdside instead. :slight_smile:

So until this is fixed (hopefully soon) it is a mobile app for me. Only bummer is that it is difficult to use companion app at the same time.

So Zwift…looking forward to positive news of solving the issue.

Take care guys



Received support response asking me to reinstall which made no difference (with a random follow up trying blame my internet…) but this morning it looks like the plan is back with my history. I need Zwift to add in yesterday’s ride then I’m up to date. I’m using a laptop with Windows 11 btw.