Lost Events or Data? This May be Why

For the first time in over a year of Zwifting, the data was lost for an event. The Chasing Fabian TT event on the 14th was never populated with data other than total average power and HR. I may not have been credited with completion but that didn’t matter since I did the Bologna Bloodbath the day before and that was fine.

The problem is the lost numbers. That’s why many of us are on here; we want the data and we want it now! Speaking for myself, when I blow my guts out in an event, I want to see how well I did and how much faster (or slower) I did. If Zwift can’t manage the data then what are here for? Well, there are other things, I get that but we all want to know how we did.

So I reached out to the Zwiftpower help desk with my .fit, .log and Zwiftalizer.com screenshot of the Chasing Fabian TT. This is what I got back:
" Hi Mark,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I took a look at the server side reporting of what happened on the 14th to try and see what caused the ride to not be credited.

It looks like there were multiple events done on the 14th within the same logout. This can cause one ride to overwrite the previous ride and not register as complete because the data is connected to other rides. Though this can be done, we strongly recommend against it as stated in out Cycling events F.A.Q..

After each ride it is recommended to save your activity​ and log out before moving on to the next event…"

Holy Toledo! There a coupla problems here:

First of all, the Zwift app enables us to go from activity to activity when you’re signed up for an event. Now they’re saying we can’t do that anymore if we want to make sure they aren’t going to lose an important event so we have to logoff and logon for each separate activity? This is less of a problem for me with my system and network but someone with a Win7 system and less than optimal internet, this is a complete non-starter.

Second of all, I’ve been doing this for a year on Zwift and the Fabian event is the first time an entire events data was lost. I’ve had a few events not get the Blue Bolt of certification but that wasn’t because of the logoff/logon thing.

It seems to me, and I’m not a software guy nor am I a gamer, that Zwift has a systemic problem with the app code. This is besides the problems with the Zwiftpower implementation which have been bedeviling us for the last few months. Spending time on things other than fixing these basic problems is merely rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Focus people…