Loss of watts

No idea whats happening but seem to have lost 40w in average when racing…normally 270/80 would feel hard but ok…240w is flat out now and HR is through the roof. Has there been an update of some sort?

Using kickr snap and i use to he able to check spin down reaults. Now it just says “done”.

Any help would he great.

How old is the tire on the bike ?

pretty new…loads of life left.

Normal easy make the break in “A” races then get hammered in the sprint…im now out the back door after 5 mins racing.

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You are doing the spindown in the Wahoo app? Definitely prefer that over calibrating in Zwift.

The standard advice for wheel-on trainers is use a trainer tire, tension the roller according to the trainer manual, inflate the tire according to the trainer manual, and keep tire pressure perfectly consistent between spindowns. Use a digital tire pressure gauge.

Hi Paul

Yes…spin down in wahoo app. It use to give readings. But now just says “done”, no readings(so unable to tell if in the 10 - 15 sec zone).

I just loosend the tension roller on the wheel and that seemed better.

Sounds like something to discuss with Wahoo support.