Losing speed uphill

Hi first time trialling Zwift and I noticed that once I hit an incline, pedalling while it registers cadence and power it is severely hampered by lack of speed. No matter what gear or cadence my Zwift is going up hill at about 4-5km/h, with other people flying past me. On the flats the speeds seem representative of what speed/cadence is being input. Any hints tips appreciated . 

Gear as below:

Garmin Speed/Cadence

Garmin Heart rate

Cycleops Fluid 2 Trainer

Garmin USD Ant + Dongle.

Windows 10. 

This is by design. In real life you also slow down going up hills so in Zwift you will also slow down. Zwift calculates your in-game speed based on you Watts, your Weight and the incline/decline (among other variables) of the terrain inside the game. 

Hi all,

Thank you very much for answering this question Paul and thank you Alex for your question.

We also take bike weight and wheels weigh into consideration and you can also draft other riders in order to gain speed.


Ride On!

I had the same question. I guess put your weight to the lowest it will go then that’ll help right?