Loosing bluetooth connection

I am new here (3 weeks). My first 17 rides went well, but on the 18th and 19th, I suddently lost connection during a ride.
Today I was driving the Richmond UCI course, and 6km into the ride I suddenly see myself standing at the side of the road. No connection to trainer or chest belt. Same thing happened a couple of days ago.
I use an Elite Suito with a Garmen chest belt. Both connecting over bluetooth. Both disappeared at the same time. I connect to a Mac Mini.

Do you use WiFi?
Try setting it to 5GHz only, or change the channel of the 2,4GHz to 11.

No, the Mac Mini is has a cabled connection. When I left Zwift and logged back in, I could complete another route without problems, so I guess I will wait and see how it goes.

Hi @Kim_Jensen1, lots of things can interfere with bluetooth connections. If you search the forums you will see many threads with lots of possible reasons/solutions. Someone using a microwave could have caused the signal drop for example.

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