Looks like the connection to Training Peaks is broken today [March 2024]

So if TZ matches, and we’ve disconnected / reconnected, even rebooted the device ( tvOS in my case ), then it’s just Zwift being broken and no way to fix it, except hope that at some point it starts working again?

Why does this seem to be such a chronic problem for Zwift and DST?

This is marked as a “solution” but is the problem solved? Will we be back here the next time the clocks change or is it actually fixed?


@Chris_Parker @Paul_Southworth we’ve received confirmation from others that their TrainingPeaks workouts have started to appear properly again over the past several days. Could you let me know if you are still not seeing your TP workouts in Zwift?

I’m anew zwifter and based on my internet searching, this seems to be a sporadically reoccurring issue. Everything was working normally yesterday, but this morning my training peaks workout would not sync to zwift. Zwift showed yesterday’s workout when I went into my training plan folder, but today’s…nothing.

I have tried disconnecting/reconnecting, restarting my phone, and am now deleting and reinstalling the apps.

Is anyone else currently dealing with this? Any tips?


Hi @Jake_Fishman, welcome to Forums. It’s Juan from Zwift. I comprehend how essential it is for you to sync Zwift and TrainingPeaks to track your progress progress and monitor their fitness goals. I appreciate you taking the time to do your own research.

I’d like to suggest you take a look at this article to find out if you are missing any steps to sync both apps.

Please keep in mind that if the file is over 64kb, the workout will only be available on the PC or Mac you upload it to.

On the other hand, I see that you’ve already open a support ticket, I’ve gone ahead and emailed you and I’m connecting you to the right Community Support Colleague in Zwift Support.

Please let us know about your results in that email conversation. We will be happy to continue assisting you.

Hi @Jake_Fishman

Welcome to Zwift Forums. Please check that this situation upstream doesn’t apply to you.

Hi all
When Zwift game v1.66 phased rollout is available on your Zwifting computer - please check that you’re seeing the next seven days of synced Training Peaks workouts. A nice side benefit is that time discrepancies due to a shift in daylight savings time should no longer be an issue.

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