Looking to start Swift - Help advice needed

Hi All

Looking to start swift and get into the action
I Haven’t really rode bikes before so would be a newbie and starting from the beginning… I know there is a few articles but they are not the easiest to understand with no real experience

Can someone point me in the direction ( maybe some links)

of everything I need to buy and where I can buy it from.

Thanks all!

Have a look at this:


Check out reviews of trainers here https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/10/the-smart-trainer-recommendations-guide-winter-2019-2020.html


Hi @jake_jacobson welcome to Zwift. I think you will find what you need here Zwiftinsider Getting Started

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If you’re on a budget:

  • Search for a used gaming-PC on your second-hand online market of choice, at about 150$ you should get something you can work with.
  • Search for a classic trainer, that’s supported by Zwift. Like Tacx Blue Motion.
  • Buy ANT+/BLE Speed and Cadence Sensors and an ANT+ USB Stick from Amazon.
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Thanks for the reply’s all
Does anyone in the UK have a suggestion of trainer and bike to buy? Thanks

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Go through the link I posted about trainer reviews so that you don’t end up buying a piece of garbage like the people who bought spin bikes.

Hi Jake,
you would need to give an idea of your budget before anyone could really make a suggestion on what to purchase.
Making your purchase from a reliable local cycle shop would be a good idea. Being new to the sport, they could talk you through your purchases and iron out any problems with setup or trainer issues.

Budget around £1000