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Hi there,

I am very new to the whole zwift community but I would like to start in a month or so.
i have searched this whole morning to get a good setup but can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I am looking for a complete setup. I have no interest in cycling outside and have roughly €1.500 to spend. Anyone can help me out with what is a good way to start?

Greatly appreciated.

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With that budget you could get a direct-drive trainer in the 600-euro price range and a decent (meaning: 11-speed setup) entry-level road bike for the rest, less so if you can find something suitable second-hand.

Alternatively any spin bike (200–300 euro and upwards) with standard pedal threads and power meter pedals (e.g. Assioma Uno for ~400), but then you have to control the resistance manually.


@Sander_Gijtenbeek I would suggest going with the direct drive trainer and actual bike that Anna recommended so you get a more immersive experience.

You will also need a device to run Zwift like a PC, tablet, phone, Apple TV, etc. You might already have that, but if you are looking for something new I might suggest the Apple TV 4k for budget and ease of use reasons (you will get better graphics on a PC with a good graphics card, but will cost more than Apple TV). Assuming you have a TV available to use as well. Then you can use your smartphone to run the Zwift companion app (this is not required, but is nice to have available for certain things like messaging during your rides, joining events, creating meetups, etc.)

Other items that are not required, but you will want. A good fan that can move a lot of air, you heat up much faster indoors. A stand or something to keep towels, remotes, nutrition at arms reach. A heart rate monitor. A mat for under your bike and trainer to protect your floor from sweat. Good, strong wifi in your home or wherever you will be setting up. Clipless pedals and cycling shoes, or old school toe clips on the pedals that tighten around any athletic shoe. Cycling specific shorts or bibs with padding.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have a macbook pro so Apple TV is not necessary. A good fan is a must I think aswel so still need to buy that. i have a smart watch from Garmin, I think that is enough as for heart rate monitor, or am I mistaken? Also have a mat for under the trainer, that stand for nutrition is a good idea.

What do you mean in terms of shoes. I just have regular running sneakers are they not good enough to start with? I don’t know anything about cycling shoes.

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This isn’t necessary, but cycling shoes have hard stiff soles and don’t flex, so all your power and force go into the pedal stroke. If you have standard flat pedals on the bike then any shoe, flip flop, whatever will work. A stiff shoe that can clip into the pedal like a ski binding will be the most efficient, if you get addicted to cycling then look into investing in a “clipless pedal and shoe” system.

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Make sure your garmin watch can broadcast in bluetooth because you are using a Mac. I am not sure if Macs can use ANT+ generally.

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