Swift Newbie Setup Question

am looking to setup up Zwift o start indoor training.
I know the application is free, but there are so options for trainers etc. I do have a bike, but it is not great. Also with the time being after Christmas, I am looking at my budget. I am willing to invest, and realise there will be further investment. But I have to start somewhere.
My question is, where do I start? do i invest in the trainer setup first and use my existing bike?
Or does the bike make a big difference? I am not looking at the racing against other aspect, more on personal improvement.
If the bike is secondary would you recommend a drive trainer rather then one that users the rear wheel.
I have looked all around, watched and read articles. But no one actually tackles this question
I really look forward to your thoughts and comments. Any info you could also direct me to would be great also.

The application is free for download. And there is a 7-day free trial. But you will need to pay a monthly fee to continue using Zwift afterwards.

What is your existing bike?

I would probably recommend you use your existing bike and get a direct drive trainer. But perhaps direct drive trainers are out of your budget. Then, I would say existing bike w/wheel on trainer.

Which trainer? That’s a big question w/lots of possibilities depending on budget and preferences. Perhaps start here:

Then come back w/specific questions.

Thanks for the reply

I would also suggest one more consideration in addition to @Lin_Alan post which is spot on. Consider how much you will be using the system. I too have an older bike (25+ year old 7-speed) on my training so I’m not having to put my good road bike on and off it. I went with a wheel-on trainer (Wahoo Kickr Snap) as I’ve never been able to spend much time riding indoors. I found Zwift very engaging and am riding a lot. I’ve overstretched the capability of the wheel-on trainer and don’t like the additional noise. I’m replacing the Snap with a Wahoo Kickr Core. If you not going to ride all that much then consider the wheel-on approach. If you think you are going to ride a lot, consider investing in a slightly higher cost solution to get a Direct Drive system.

I agree with the previous assertions that the place to first apply your limited money is on the trainer. Any bike will do as long as it fits you well.

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Hi Joel
Thanks for the update. I will use my existing bike and invest in the setup.