Longer flattish rides for half ironman / ironman training

Would be great to have a few long routes 60 - 180km without a mountain or excessive hills to train for half iron man / iron man events

Hi @Al_Hall, welcome to the forums.

This has been requested quite a few times over the years. The best route to use for this is Tempus Fugit, you can do multiple laps with little elevation gain.

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It would be nice, but for now vote up the existing requests: https://forums.zwift.com/search?q=ironman

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Thanks for response Mike - not really in to multiple laps hence the request for longer flattish routes - a 90km flattish route would be great without doing 5 laps of same course. Maybe one of the existing longer routes could be utilised whilst by-passing the mountain / very hilly aspects?

With a few manual turns you can get very creative.

70km with only 600m elevation (If you cut out the highlighted part it will be even flatter)

The other option is doing it in workout mode that way you can to any road and any map without climbing more than you plan.

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Custom Route builder please!!!


You don’t like making manual turns… That is the best part.

But route builder for meetup’s will be awesome!!!

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I occasionally make manual turns. Here is one recently where I started up near the jungle race pens, pulled a u-turn and went counter clockwise, 20mi/32km, 712ft/217m elevation if you climb back up to the new KOM bypass road.


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