Longer events

Are there any plans to include longer rides events races or sportive in the future?
Maybe the occasional Sunday morning century or sportive?
Maybe a “winter” series of events for UK riders? when the weather is shit and daylight is at a premium! :flushed:
The shorter races are fine, but if like me, yo commit to a Sunday mornin ride, be nice to have an option to enter a sportive or something worthwhile?
Thanks guys :+1:

Saturday/Sunday Zwift August eFondo p/b Cycling Tips

It targets riders in Australasia in their winter season; the time zone is not ideal for most UK riders.

COURSE: Watopia Pretzel 
LAP DISTANCE: 44.9 mi / 72.2 km 
ELEVATION GAIN: 4,375 ft / 1,333 m 
TOTAL DISTANCE: 44.9 mi / 72.2 km 
PACE: Join either the A or C group. Race to the finish with the front group or ride along with others. There are no ride leaders. Your finishing time will be displayed when you finish under the official Zwift eFondo arch.

Thanks for the info Steve, that’s the kind of thing I’m looking for, hopefully will be some uk specific time zone rides?

Longer events including a Zwift Fondo Series for the Northern Hemisphere are on the way this Fall/Winter.  Stay tuned!



VP EVENTS at Zwift, Inc.



Thanks so much, can’t wait :blush::+1: