Long Hair Options for Avatars

I vote for long hair options! I just signed up for Zwift and was really disappointed to see that all the hairstyles for me as a female rider / avatar are basically just the male hairstyles. It’s 2020 and women cycle too! For a sport that is known for being pretty alienating for women to get into and predominately filled with men, Zwift is actively making it so that women can’t even be visually represented. This is really sexist IMO and isn’t at all impossible to do, as one person wrote above how they’ve been doing long hair in video games for quite some time. I’m honestly really shocked that Zwift doesn’t give women with hair longer than chin-length the ability to feel represented via their avatar. Two thumbs down for Zwift in this arena.


I totally support long hair! And braids!!


And has anyone noticed that when the “white” hair colour is chosen for the “female” hair it shows up as blonde, yet for the short “male” hairstyles, white shoes up as chosen? What’s up with that?

Yes, long hair please.
How many votes do they need to add the long hair option?


Yes. We need long hair options. And not just for the women. My male partner has hair down to his waist and none of the male avatars come close to his look either.

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Hey folks!

Noticed some recent activity on this thread and I wanted to pop in and provide some clarification to make sure ya’ll know we’re listening!

The reason Zwift has yet to add longer hairstyle options for avatars is simply due to graphical limitations. Notice that all hairstyles are above the shoulders? This is because certain hairstyles become impossible to render without visual issue. Since hairstyles don’t allow a lot of wiggle room for animation (think a helmet made of hair), any styles below the shoulders would just clip through the avatars and appear severely broken. Rather than having a bunch of rogue braids and ponytails attached to torsos, we opted to keep hairstyles to a certain length for now.

While I understand this may not be the answer many of ya’ll were searching for, I hope this clarifies the limitation with the current hairstyles in game, and let’s ya’ll know your requests are being heard and discussed :slight_smile:


Julie – thank you for reading and responding. I hope this limitation will be overcome some day. But it’s good that the feature request has gotten a respectful answer from inside Zwift.


Thanks. That explanation helps. Even a ponytail for the longest hair option that you can do would be appreciated.


Yeah, I’ve been wondering what I’m doing wrong with my avatar that I don’t find the long hair option. Would love to have it.

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Why not do some testing with a few options to see what the female riders prefer! I’d rather have a static blonde ponytail or braid(s) down my back attached to my jersey than no long hair option at all! :pray:t2::heart_eyes:


Yaaaaaas!!! :heart:

So what about “helmet” looks that imply long hair? Princess Leia braid-buns?

My mullet is sad :confused:

I hope you add more hair styles and facial features. Long single braid would be nice and a couple pony tail and pig tail options would be greatly appreciated! Other than the hairstyles I think Zwift is doing a great job. I have not been on the app long enough to make other suggestion. :slight_smile:

I would be sincerely glad to see long hair in Zwift too :slight_smile: I understood it’s not technically feasible for the moment but if you guys find a solution, that would be awesome !

So there is some technical issues with getting long hair supported . But there is technical issues getting a lot of things supported , but they get done . What is the difference here , not that this is any more unsurmountable a technical issue , its that there is less importance being applied to addressing it .

Perhaps spending the time used to build fantasy character avatars for short term publicity events could instead be channeled into looking at this . As someone above has suggested , maybe even as a “FutureWorks” … try out offering .

Would there be the same response if we were complaining about no long beards ?

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Thanks for the explanation - this makes sense! What about a messy bun/ponytail option …that is what my long hair looks like most of the time :slight_smile:

As I understand it, the ‘technical issue’ is that the hair/head and the jersey are different elements in the programing. So, to support the long hair option Zwift would have to curate, and the program would then have to load, separate jersey options for long vs short hair. Perhaps not insurmountable, but certainly an additional use of memory, which already seems to be overloaded.

Why not just draw with a marker on the screen of where your avatar is? :smirk: I mean you could make the hair whatever color you wanted and whatever style :rofl:

This seems long overdue. :expressionless:

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