London Ride Issue

Hey, every time I ride London the elevation count is very off. The longer I ride the less less accurate the elevation count becomes. I have restarted my device and still it does not work. This has been going on for months as soon as I signed up for Zwift. Any advice or is this a bug that just hasn’t been resolved yet.

Hi @Ethan_Twitchell, welcome to the forums. Compared to what, what else is counting elevation other than Zwift?

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Zwift is the only thing counting the elevation gain. I am not getting the full count of the actual elevation I have gained. If you look on Zwift under London at the PRL half it has an elevation gain of 3310 ft after I finished it I ended with 2857 ft. Every other Zwift world the elevation count is very accurate, but not London. Something else to compare it to is the Triple Loop Route on London, with 1850 ft of climbing I ended with 1665. The longer I ride in London the less accurate the climbing count is. Instead of a very steady count it is very erratic and skips number. I have gone up a 14% grade and only got 17 ft of climbing out of it. This was when climbing the stair case in London with the wood on the stairs after the London bridge, before you start climbing Box hill and Leith Hill. The counting isn’t consistent but very erratic and jump around. As you can climb a 3% grade and get a few feet of climbing I can’t get that in London.

Can you share a link to your Stava activity so we can have a look.

I don’t have a Strava account, and am unable to take a picture, as I have tried many times.

I’m having the same issue, when I ride the London map my elevation gain does not match up with the route and when I am climbing very steep gradients like Leith Hill the elevation gain does not track smoothly with the incline. I reached out to Zwift support and they said it’s a network issue, but this only happens when I ride the London map and my connectivity is fine according to zwiftalizer

Not sure if it may be related to this issue?

i raised it 5 months ago and still an issue - super annoying and ruins London rides for me.

Just finished PRL Half and its still bugged. Zwift says it should be ~1011m but it counted 862m in elevation. Funfact: CompanionApp and Strava says 862m and the Zwift Page 863m …

Still an issue. I’ve ridden the half PRL a few times now, and I only get 870 m elevation at the end of the complete route. They’re saved rides on my zwift account. The claimed elevation is 1009 m?

Haven’t done full PRL yet but expect the same bug