Login cusion time pre ride

I’m curious how much time is spent trying to login pre ride so you can get a daily ride in a reasonable time frame. It takes me about 20-30 min to make sure I can login and ride. It’s gotten bad for me. Anybody else?

There’s something very wrong there. Please post up full details of your setup, especially the specs of your device running Zwift.


This stuff works one day and not the next and it’s always my fault. My setup,my computer,my internet,my Bluetooth. Never zwift.

Reliability and confidence equalls zero

I’ve sent that info to zwift in the past and never herd a peep back

What computer are you using. We are running Zwift on a Pentium and from turning on to riding is about 5 min.

There has been two large updates to Zwift over the last 24 hours. For some reason the patch which was released to fix some issues with launching the game on some lower end PCs also pushed out a ton of the same new assets again.