will too many people bog down the software before an event?

(Scott Higgins KISS (D)) #1

I am new and i tried 2 times today to join a race. VERY FRUSTRATING. I was all set up and it was 2:15 (race started at 2:30). It took forever to log in and then it finally did. I cruised around waiting for the “go to event” to pop up and never saw it (and yes I was registered). I got nervous about 2 minutes before the race and went to menu to end ride hoping it would let me start again. – it only spun on the log in page until the freak 'n race started. Grrrrrrr. So, I decided to enter a 3:00 race. I kept logging in and never connected until freak’n 3:01. What ! ! ! So, too late again​:confounded::confounded: … Up until today I have not had too many log in issues in the past 3 weeks. But when I needed it most today. I had my fans, I finally found time, I had my day planned just right to race and have fun and workout — BAM, NO!, Is this always a concern? Are there too many people logging in? Should I log in 1–2 hours before an event? The events are the reason I wanted to try Zwift. So, what gives? – signed very frustrated busy man with little time to spare and ending things to work when needed:/

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #2

Mate, can you post your machine specs, also what is your internet connection? Do you know if anyone else was connected to your home network? Where any other machines in the house updating, including smartphones? There are so many reasons why this could have occured but it reads to me like the bandwidth to your ride computer/tablet was reduced for some reason. Have you logged a support job?

In the past I haven’t had any issues joining rides, and client performance only comes into play once your machine is trying to display a large number of riders, not actually connecting to an event.

(Scott Higgins KISS (D)) #3

Thank you Mark, right now I am using a dumb trainer (Blackburn mag 1) and wahoo heart rate monitor and wahoo speed and cadence sensor. My Internet is pretty fast Xfinity and is never an issue. I use the Zwift app btw. Nobody was downloading anything else in my house and I had no computer turned on. –  it doesn’t make sense it would be my band width.  Like I said, after the races started it log me in with no issues. – The first race (at 2:30) I never got past the change user login screen  until like seconds after the race started. The 3 o’clock race would not let me pass the “ride” screen. And I was trying 20 minutes before the race started and then just mere second after the race started it let me login .