Loader is broken

Tried multiple times. Can’t get past this. Great timing on TTT night.

What version is it? Right-click on the Zwift icon in the system tray if you’re unsure. If it’s below 1.1.3 then you need to update it.

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It’s whatever the last update that was pushed, within the last week but I can check tomorrow.

the latest launcher is not pushed with the game update yet, that will be in June.

try a manual download. see here for more info Zwift Launcher v1.1.3 for Windows [April 2022] - #3 by shooj

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It just had a quick update. Maybe that resolved it.

That update would be the game itself, there’s been a couple of patches in recent days. Your screenshot doesn’t really provide any info on versions, it’s the properties of the shortcut.

Here’s where you want to look:

This example is from my laptop, which isn’t on the latest launcher version (1.1.4) but is up to date on the game (1.24.2). They are separate. Prior to launcher 1.1.3, there were regular issues with the white screens you’ve got in the OP. You should try to update yours to the latest version, if it’s older than 1.1.3.

Zwift loader

Looks like I’m going to uninstall and reinstall. Thanks!

No need to reinstall the full game, just download the installer and run it.


Well I did anyway. Launcher is now reporting at 1.1.4 from 1.1.2. Thanks for the help!