Zwift Launcher v1.1.3 for Windows [April 2022]

We are updating the Zwift Launcher app for Windows to version 1.1.3 today. The Launcher app serves three purposes:

  1. It checks for a more recent version of the Zwift game app.
  2. If a more recent version of the game is available, it downloads and installs it to your computer.
  3. It launches the Zwift game app.

Version 1.1.3 for PC notes:

  • Microsoft components needed to run Zwift have been updated.
  • Removes a pause in v1.1.2 where you manually need to click a button to proceed with game update / installation.
  • Streamlines the messaging during installation progress.

Zwift Launcher v1.1.3 for PC is available for manual installation at

Update April 21:
We made a minor change this morning and rolled out PC launcher v1.1.4. It contains some code specific to Windows 11 so you don’t need to reboot after installation


Is it possible to elaborate on this at all? The installer is now noticeably larger in size; roughly double what it was for the previous revision.

Also, there’s no mention of the white screen issues but I assume this new version addresses those too?



Launcher 1.1.3 contains the 2022 Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable files, which are larger by 10MB than their previous redis.

Yes, it does.


Cheers. :+1:


Sorry if i’m being simple here… but in order to resolve the launcher issue i would need to reinstall the entire game?

Following the links provided takes you to pages that detail a complete reinstall. That’s a little different than “Zwift Launcher v1.1.3 for PC is available for manual installation.”

No. When you download and run the installer, it basically only installs the launcher and its associated dependencies. Then when you run the new launcher, if your game is already up to date, it won’t do anything else.


What’s the advantage to installing the new launcher now, rather than just waiting for game v1.26?

Addresses the white screen issues some people occasionally have. Irritating, but not a excessive inconvenience IMO.


Thanks. @Dave_ZPCMR! Hey, @shooj - Maybe that should have been the lede?

With 1.1.2, many more people ran into the annoying pauses during the download & installation phase than the handful of people who still had the white screen issue, but you’re not wrong.

For what it’s worth, the easiest way to update on W10 and newer is winget.

winget upgrade --all

will update all packages that you have installed, and Zwift Launcher 1.1.3 is already in the repo. Do that routinely and you can have everything from VC redists to 7-Zip to Zwift updated.

Or, if you only want to update Zwift:

winget upgrade --id Zwift.Zwift


Even just:

winget upgrade zwift

…works. Neat though, I like that. Thanks, every day is a school day!


Where do you type this in? I am not familiar with using the CMD prompt in Win10…

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Windows key, type CMD and press enter.

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I had a feeling that might work too but wasn’t at my home PC to test it. But yes that’s even easier. :grinning:

As an FYI, you can also just do “winget upgrade” and it’ll show you the list of packages it has updates available for without making any actual updates.


Very little else installed on my Zwift PC, so it’s not something I’ll need routinely but I’m always happy to learn something that saves clicks. :rofl: Cheers!

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Nifty - thanks!

Wasn’t that released the other day?

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Does this new version of the new Launcher remember passwords, like the old Launcher was able to?

It remembered mine.