Loaded workouts displaying incorrect watts

Loaded workouts are not displaying correct watts in workout overlay menu while doing the workout. It gives you the correct watts when doing the segment but will not display it in the workout overlay.

Yes I’m seeing this too. Especially for under/over intervals. On the workout overlay on LHS of screen the under intervals show the same watts as the over intervals. But when you progress to the point in the workout for the under internal, the correct wattage target is shown in the centre display and the ERG mode correctly sets the trainer resistance. Just seems to be an error in the overlay. Have seen this since the latest update on July 19.

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Yes that is exactly, if only I could have put it so perfectly. Let’s hope they fix it… or is it better for the psychological aspect. :thinking::rofl:

See Workouts with intervals are not properly adjusting interval speeds [1.15.0] [July 2021]