Actual watts doesn't track target W in ERG

Even I get to “Cool down,” the target W drops as normal, but the actual W stays at the Over target.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Bruce Cohen

On Sep 20, 2023, at 8:32 AM, Bruce Cohen <> wrote:

Maybe it’s just me, but since the last ZWIFT update, when I do an over/under recovery ride in ERG, the actual wattage required stays at the “Over” target; it never drops to the “Under.” This has happened 2 indoor workouts in a row. Anyone else? Just me? SW issue? On the “cool down” the actual wattage stays at the Over, even as the target drops. It’s, like, stuck in the OVER? Odd.


I can’t offer any advice on how to correct but I can add a further bit of information which might help others identify your problem.

If you check your last two workouts you will notice that your HR on each drops out (at 12 mins on 1st workout and 16 mins on 2nd workout). At those times your power then remains constant at the power you were at when HR dropped out.

On 1st workout your HR came back and looks like your variation in power came back.

On 2nd workout your HR never came back and as such your cool down at the end remained at same power from initial HR drop out power.

I don’t know how this has any bearing on your issue but it might help others identify the reason.

Edit: just a guess if your HR has dropped out for whatever reason could that reason also be getting your Controllable to drop out? If your Controllable loses connection during a workout does your power get stuck at that power level ?