line indicators in course profile, time of day in Strava

Two issues I’ve noticed (Kickr/OS X):

The 3 jersey finish line indicators that use to be visible on the course profile display have been missing since last week’s update.

This morning I rode for an hour starting at 6:19am central daylight time. On Strava it shows as 1:19am.


I’m not sure what you mean by “jersey finish line indicators” ? Do you mean on the “mini-map” in the upper right-hand corner?

Regarding your Strava times - Zwift Island takes place on Jarvis Island, an actual island in the Pacific ocean. To keep it a real ride and not a trainer ride, it uses those GPS coordinates and, hence, Jarvis’s actual time zone.

Yes, the ‘mini-maps’, both close-up and full course. They used to show where the orange, green, and polka-dot lines were with little indicators. Those are gone now for me.

I get that I’m riding around Jarvis Island, but I’m really in my apartment in Chicago, and I think the time-of-day data should reflect that. So if it’s not a bug, then call it a feature request.

Regarding the time stamp - that’s how Strava is adding it since it’s an actual, real island based on GPS data. We can’t fake that without the entire course being flagged.

However, we are working with them on it, though :slight_smile: