Limit weight changes to +/- 2kg in a rolling 7 day period

As per the title. Limit weight changes to +/- 2kg in a rolling 7 day period.

This will support healthier behaviours around weight in Zwift as well as reduce the opportunity for cheating.

I can’t see a legitimate reason for needing to change weight beyond this constraint, but if there was one it could be possible to update your weight via support.

(note this was mentioned as an idea in a separate thread, but posting it here as a feature request).

Happy to agree limit of 2kg in rolling 7 day period but:
Still use lowest weight used in 60 day CE calculation - 60 days allows for up to approx 16/17kg of weight doping over that period.(edit using your 2kg per week )

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Agree with this .

The restriction limits might need a little bit of refinement and or more complex levels approach but limits would be good for those blatant changes .If someone wants to be totally accurate all the time that single level might be triggered quite easily . If I was to sync my scale weight it can vary that much over 7 days but absolutely that wouldn’t be sustainable and would return back to a median value over time so accepting that (in extreme cases your published weight might be out temporarily)


Agree with this. Kinda. On the other hand, I’ve come home from IRL rides on really hot days having lost a full 2kg in a couple of hours. Even with near constant pulls from the bidons.


:+1: Voted

Good idea, voted.

The one challenge which is going to come about, people go off for summer and then come back post a number of weeks\months off zwift (some continue paying, some pausing\cancelling) and their weight might have moved by a significant margin either way.

I get where the idea is coming from, but I think 2kg is probably too small a window, especially when you consider some peoples weight can move that much through the course of a day.

Practically im not sure it can be implemented and user friendly.

Yes but that’s not real weight loss, so it really doesn’t matter. The point is even if there is genuine loss/gain >2kg, so what if it is not immediately reflected in your Zwift weight. Extreme weight fluctuation should not be supported.

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I’ve dropped more than 2kg in a week before (weighing at start of day each day).

I think 2kg is too low, but 3/4 would be fine.

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As above - you could have lost more than 2kg, but limiting the change to 2kg is still a good thing.

I’ve gained 4-5 lbs overnight following a diet of pizza and beer :rofl:.

But, this is usually a temporary blip and I’m back to my normal weight a couple of days later.

I have done similar, arrived back from big IRL ride and been down to 57kg - about 3kg drop at those times.

Yes, it’s water weight. I bet you were back up to normal the next day.

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I tend to go through extreme weight changes IRL and was initially reticent about this idea because it sounds so limiting. However, I reckon this could work.

While gaining/losing over 2kg in a week IRL is quite achievable, over a longer period it’s extremely difficult to sustain that rate. I reckon that losing more than 8kg in a four-week period, for example, could only be achieved by severe measures. The same goes for gaining at the same rate. Last year I managed to drop 15kg over three months, which I found to be a huge physical change, but that still only worked out as 1.25kg/week on average.

The system would of course have to be consistent in tracking the time since the last weight entry/modification and allow for the maximum addition or subtraction for that period. And that means that someone coming back after twenty weeks away from Zwift would have to be allowed to add or subtract up to 40kg from their previously indicated weight. Would some medium-term adaptive cap have to be added to the algorithm to combat the possibilities for abuse?

I guess you could simply allow for any weight to be entered if nothing has been altered in 30 days. But once you have updated your weight, the rolling 7 days kicks in.

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Agreed, for heavier riders who may want to shed some kilos, 2kg a week is too low plus don’t see why they should be penalised by limiting their in-game weight loss, at that time they should be being encouraged not hindered.

2kg loss of real weight per week is a lot of weight loss even for heavier riders. Healthy steady weight loss is a good thing to support. If you have a genuine reason to enter a lower weight you could contact Zwift support.

The way these conversation pan out, sometimes it’s no wonder Zwift never actually deliver anything… :wink:


Just Google “Healthy Weight Loss” (or some such) and the general medical consensus for healthy weight loss is around 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kilogram) a week. This doesn’t depend on your starting weight.

I’m sure Zwift wouldn’t want to be accused of actively encouraging unhealthy eating practices and weight loss etc.


That’s enough right there for Zwift to justify the change IMO.


Tbf, you have pulled a number out of the air and want people to get on board with the proposal.

What is the rationale behind a 2kg limit? Where has this number come from, and what supports its choice, apart from - That seems about right.

Rather than limiting users input, how about Zwift fix the CE system so it cant be gamed which is the driver behind this request?