Weight change asked at login

(S. wimmy McRunFace) #1

Feature request: Riders are asked if their weight is accurate upon login. Not every login but perhaps monthly? fortnightly? after Christmas? and definitely after they haven’t ridden for 2 weeks. 

Why? You have to proactively go in and update your weight in settings if you change weight. Well, I just put on 2 kg after a break and forgot to update my settings.  If the app had asked me if I’d gained or lost weight when I logged in, I’d have remembered. 

(Kevin Medina Ruiz) #2

If anything before any event/race


(Vincent W.) #3

That’s not a bad idea! So you would want Zwift to ask you for your weight every time you log in? I do like the idea of prompting you before an event/race. I’ll forward the requests over, thank you both for writing in. :D 

(S. wimmy McRunFace) #4

Thanks Vincent. To be clear, no - every time would be annoying, unnecessary and bound to get lots of complaints.

Personally, I think every fortnight or month is enough. Although I like the idea of being asked before a race, some people do lots of races and would get annoyed at being asked nearly every time they log in. If they can create an algorithm that asks before a race but only if they haven’t been asked for a period of time (month or fortnight) then I think that would be best. That way if you don’t race you don’t get asked and if you race you only get asked once in a while.  If that’s not possible, then my vote would be for after a set period. 

(Gerrie Delport) #5

I see a lot of people on ZP that haven’t updated their weight in 2 years. LOL


I like the fact that Zwift is linked to my smart scale and update my weight every time I step on the scale. 


Maybe just a reminder, not something you have to interact with, Like Scotty the squirrel popping up asking if you have updated your weight recently.



(Vincent W.) #6

Oh that’s awesome Gerrie! And yeah I like the idea of either a specific time based on each individual rider’s last prompt, or a universal set time. Weight does fluctuate as I unfortunately know. :( 

(David Dewaels IM) #7

Good idea, a little like the PR that are erased after 30 days, do the same thing with the weight, having to encode it again after this time.

(Hetti TS (ZRG)) #8

I like that idea. Also great for weight loss goals… Maybe it is enough to ask once a month… (or once a week) :-D