Lifeline tt-02 fluid trainer

I have been using this trainer for almost a year, selecting the ‘unsupported trainer’ settings.

Having found that the trainer is actually listed as a supported trainer, I changed the setting last night, and now my power has increased by approx 40-50%. I had always suspected that Zwift displayed power was too low, but this is too much of an increase.

I have never ridden with a power meter or on a interactive trainer so only have previous experience of this trainer to go with. I have not been able to find a power curve for this trainer.

I’d class myself as an intermediate cyclist / triathlete, averaging 18-19mph on the road on varying terrain.

Last night I was sitting at 220W and HR was low, about 120bpm, HR at this power rate was previously approx 140W according to Zwift. Increasing resistance of the trainer didn’t make a big difference. Tyre pressure and rider weight are all OK.

Was considering changing the setting to another fluid trainer, maybe a CycleOPs Fluid 2.

I am debating between a smart trainer and Wattbike but not in a position to push the button just yet. Appreciate that the only real acurrate way is to use a power meter but not able to do this at the minute so looking for an interim solution.