Lifeline TT-01

I’m using this “dumb” trainer for Zwift with a cadence and speed sensor connected with ANT+. Having finally realised I need to leave it in resistance setting 1 I now seem to be putting down reasonable power. I have one main issue though: at level 1 it doesn’t provide enough resistance to hit high watts at low cadence (eg. I have to be going at circa 125rpm to hit 500W with a 50/11 shimano crank ring/casette) and I can’t get much more out of it.

Does anyone else use this trainer? Any tips? Any idea how accurate it is? Could Zwift change to power curve to setting 2 or 3 so more can be had out of it?

I have a similar setup and get average 70rpm but only 145 watts in my highest gear. Surely this can’t be correct as I am slinging it at times to no benefit.

Where did it say use mag resistance 1? I’m still looking for a solution to this aswell @zwift

It should tell you in the pairing screen what resistance to leave it set on.

It says on the initial screen when you pair devices. See attached picture.

So I decided the only way to find out was to spend £500 on garmin Vector 3s and an Edge 530. Safe to say the dumb trainee setup was overestimating my power. By a lot. Assuming the vectors are correct.

Ok. So the vectors weren’t calibrated correctly

you are using Lifeline TT-01 with Vector 3s