Levelling up to Legend status

Dear Zwift development team,

I’d like to propose a suggestion for future upgrades.

It revolves around enhancing the levelling system to further motivate and challenge members.

The idea is to introduce a ‘Legend’ status for riders who reach level 100. A rider reaching this milestone for the first time would be designated as L1 (Legend One). The journey continues – it would extend through levels L1.1 to L1.100, then progress to L2.1 through L2.100, and so forth, with each new tier presenting increased difficulty.

To add to the challenge, upon attaining each new ‘Legend’ level, the rider would start over with zero drops and no previous bikes or perks; except for perhaps a legendary bike to keep for each milestone. Maybe max in out at L10. This approach ensures that every new level is a true test of skill and endurance, encouraging continuous improvement and engagement.

I believe this system would not only spur members to strive for new heights but also foster a deeper sense of accomplishment and community spirit within the Zwift.

I hope you will consider this suggestion for future upgrades. I’m confident it could bring a fresh and exciting dynamic to Zwift activities.

Kind Regards,

Greg White.

I think a prestige system where you can re-do levels 1->max level would be good, each time getting a different notch on whatever displays your prestige levels.

I don’t think they really have to clear your drops or bikes/wheels/items each time however, that would reduce the number of people who want to prestige I would think.

Given they just fully revamped the XP system and discussed how much testing they did to arrive at what they did I somewhat don’t expect another overhaul on XP anytime soon.


I want a White Tron!

Actually, a more serious reply.

At Level 100, unlock a Jarvis Island map.

Not the old Jarvis.
Apparently, old Jarvis is not compatible with the newer coding but, Jarvis was small.
The new coding protocol could probably knock out a newly coded Jarvis in short order.
If it were too crowded, they could restrict it to meet ups or when an individual enters Jarvis, they would be teleported to their own local world kind of how Repack Ridge was early on.

That and I seriously want a White Tron.

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