Level 50 completion

Hi. I am at Level 49. Get me. Once I complete 49 and hit level 50 is that it or do I have to complete Level 50 (i.e. get to non-existent 51?).


You’ll see soon enough :smiley:

Levels inexplicably end at 50 even though it still calculates XP points beyond that. Theoretically, they may bump up the levels higher at some point as they did that once when the highest level was 25.

Personally, I think they need to either get rid of the system altogether or have no limit at all.

Here’s a thread to upvote for levels to be expanded beyond 50

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You need 500,000 xp points to max out levels.


Levels and XP points.


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Thanks Bob. Looks like I max out when I hit 50. Thanks