Level 20?

I rode everyday for a month to get the Madone at level 20 and it’s not there? Any reason? I see a Tarmac but I ride the red Madone outdoors so I was really hoping for it.

Getting to level 20 just allows you to buy it. You need to go into the Drop Shop and spend the 887,500 Drops that you hopefully have.
See Zwift Insider’s Shopping Guide for all the details: Zwift Shopping Guide: What To Buy At Each Level | Zwift Insider

Edit: Just went into the Drop Shop to make sure that Zwift hadn’t sneakily killed that model off. Nope, still there:


Awesome I found it! I was not looking in drop shop specifically. I bought wheels and bike so I’m set. I look exactly as I do outdoors lol.


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It’s not the best bike out there for sure but like you I ride what I do in real life. We’re talking only a few seconds difference over a decent distance. Certainly not enough for somebody of my ability to care about.

Ride On, Victor. Also, congratulations on getting to Level 20. :ride_on:

By the way, if memory serves me correctly, there’s an (avoidable) bug with the red finish for that bike. Don’t be tempted to experiment changing it with the spray slider, as you then cannot get back to the original red.

Some clever person figured out a way around this bug. Equip a different bike, go into the Drop Shop rather than your garage, and select the Madone there. Click ‘equip’, and voila! Original paint color restored.