Less W/kg is a higher average speed...I don't get it?

I don’t get it. Jacques has less W/kg but a higher average speed than Genie…

What is going on?

See attached image.

Watopia’s Waistband route has more climbing/elevation gain?


More riders with and just ahead of Jacques, gaining speed from drafting riders?


Watopia waistband have 3x the amount of climbing and there is less riders so a smaller group thus less draft.


But to average 49km/hr seems unachievable with 2.9 W/kg! This is just wrong!


I think that is an instantaneous speed and power – downhill. Jacques has a base power of 3.2, IIRC.

Why would Jacques ever be at 2.9 on Tempus Fugit? Every time I look he’s at 2.9 but there are no 3% grades on Tempus. Someone brought this up on FB Zwift Riders as well. All the pace partners seem to be displaying unusual paces on the Home Screen. I’m puzzled.

No no, that never happens, can’t be possible… :wink:

That is of course the instant speed of the bot, the actual average is less.

I did notice that it was much easier to ride with Constance on the Watopia Flat Route this weekend versus Jacques on Tempus Fugit, Constance usually had about 6 riders and they were all staying with the robopacer or just behind it, rather than going ahead of it.

My 62.4km were at 40.6km/h average speed with 180w average power. Another rider did 400km with the robopacer on the same ride and wasn’t having to do excessive power.

Today I did 40km this morning and 50km this afternoon also with Constance on same route, fairly easy.

By the way, Constance is cheating through the esses on Flat Route, taking a short-cut off course through one of the turns. Consistently every lap and getting quite a gap ahead.

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I thought that the RPs were going to be fixed in the listings to show their target wkg.

There are some oddities – both the order and the speeds shown seem weird. I suspect the wkg and speed are derived from what the RPs were doing at the frozen snapshot of the exact instant you open zwift to the homescreen?

Every time I open the game, all the “twins” are showing the same pace, which is not the advertised pace. That seems extremely unlikely. And as mentioned above Jacques is doing 2.9 on Tempus which should never happen due to the lack of 3% grades on that route. It makes no sense.

I guess a fluke that i screengrabbed Genie twins showing a .1 wkg difference :slight_smile:

I’ve found that the bots I use more (or maybe just most recently) are shown first, and then they go up in w/kg order. But the recent ones at the front would be out of w/kg order for most people.

How hard would it be to show the AVERAGE speed for an hour - rather than just a random snapshot that doesn’t reflect the correct speed.

This in not only inaccurate, but lazy. Very poor!

It used to do this but looks to have reverted to a previous version. The team are investigating but bear in mind, most people remember not to work at the weekend.

I just have a really bad memory and tend to forget.


That was introduced in 1.30 but regressed in 1.34

(Oops, you said speed. I think maybe 1.30 only had average W/kg? Not sure.)