Less is more (fun/realism)

I appreciate that this will not be to everyone’s tastes hence why I would want to implement it as an option for the race organisers to implement if they wanted.

In a real race you don’t have a little icon saying what W/Kg your opponents are pulling, it would add a nice touch to be able to disable this on the rider’s list for everyone in a race. This could change the tactics dramatically, if you only had the time gaps of the closest people displayed rather than their W/Kg. It would only be a visual thing - and on the results screen W/Kg would still be displayed.

Any thoughts on this idea?

I would like the option for group rides as well, maybe just the ride leader can see it, to get a sense if the group is in the w/kg range.

I think there are to much emphasis on w/kg in general. It should be a metric that you can see at the end of the ride not during. 

would appreciate this to… at this time i have covered the right side of my Screen - so i cannot see anything - names, w/kg or gaps.


wish i could close this always… 

I always think it strange when people come on here requesting to see more live data of other riders, seems like a way to game the system. 

I don’t do group rides or races, but I am in favor of this request. The only time you should be able to see other riders data is after the race is complete.

For solo rides I have no issue with seeing other peoples live data (w/kg, watts, HRM, cadence and so on). 

don’t Take my Psot down Zwift , this 100%  F you know it.

oh hi I am Zpower super hero, I have mess up power meter don’t mind me over here.,  + this why we can’t have voice  this just go off in the game.

LOL Mr Salts. 

You have a good point, that is if I read between the lines. 

If there is no W/kg in the rider list then no one will be able to police the cheaters/flyers.

So before that happen we need a system that categorize riders into groups before the race start.


Maybe having some type of race manager that can over see the race and flag the fliers. The race manager will be able to see all riders live data and be able to police the race based on what they see.

Yes Gerrie,  there 2 side  to thing, sound good But , some  Riders would just game the system we have  seen it before. 

Mr Salts. Probably more than 2 sides… LOL

People will always try to game the system but it will be nice if we can get to a point where only 1% or 2% of riders get DQ after the race. 

If you think the B bunch is bad then come ride C with me. 


Paul: The race manager can be Zwift power in real time. 



Good one Mr. Salts… but what about if u can choose to close the “Riders nearby” Box, if somebody wants this?