Length of loops

I selected ´Watopia temps fugit’, which is 17.3 km long. I cycled 36 km but the app does not appear to consider that I completed two full loops. Do you know why?

Hi @daniel_boeshertz, welcome to the forums!

Zwift only shows you the completed route banner on the screen the first time you complete the route, each consecutive time you do any route you are not notified of completion. Does this answer your question?

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To some extent, txs.

But in the “achievements” section, there was no data at all on my second loop (during which I made much more efforts than on the first one, during which I warmed up J). I do not understand why

There are new PR’s listed on your activity for the Fuego Flats forward and reverse segments. The actual route loop is not a timed segment in Zwift. You will need to check Strava for that info.

Ok txs!

Happy to discover (I’m a brand new Zwifter) that you reply so quickly to my query J