Le Col Chasing Cancellara Jersey vanished

Since last update, the kit I used to use for about one year vanished from my virtual Zwift garage! It’s the Le Col Chasing Cancellara Jersey. Instead of this, my avatar weared the orange standart Zwift jersey. And the Le Col Cansellara Jersey is nowhere to be found. Anybody else noticed this? (I know, after one year it would be about time to change the jersey, but anyway… )

Saw similar in another forum post if i could hunt it out. They appear to have removed it and replaced it with a 2022 version but unsure if that’s for a future event or what.

I didn’t see a response from anyone at zwift so maybe best to raise a ticket

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Thank you Gordon, ticket raised :+1:

Thank you Steve, I now contacted Zwift support.

Yes I seem to have lost some jerseys also. Is it going to be globally fixed or do we each need to individually contact zwift support?

I will keep you informed about the answer from Zwift support.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Answer from Zwift support is here (wow - after only 3 hours! :+1:):

“… I am sorry to read that your favorite jersey “Le Col Chasing Cancellara” does not appear in your garage after the December update. I can imagine how it feels when losing something special but don’t worry I’ll be more than happy to assist you with this matter.
Kindly mention that your request for an item credit is now being looked into. In the event we’re able to credit your account, you should see it appear in your garage within the next couple of weeks. …”

Thanks @Marcello_Gottardo looks like we’ll all have to open individual tickets. The problem is I think multiple jerseys went missing and I can’t remember which they all were. Its like that game where you cover a tray of items in a cloth and then have to try and remember them all… except with about 80 items! :rofl:

interesting as they actually removed the jersey game files from the game so i don’t see it coming back unless they give you the 2022 version.

Yeah, they do that sometimes, replace (and not add) a jersey with a different design. You should have the 2022 version (black with a red pattern - like the IRL version) somewhere in your wardrobe… Honestly, I liked the old version better.

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Thank you @Tomazz
That’s it! I searched in my wardrobe (136 jerseys :rofl:) and found the new version with a red pattern.
Liked the old version better too, but I can live with that :slightly_smiling_face:

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Next to the old “Le Col Chasing Cancellara” kit, also the “Assos Speed Club 2019” and “Rad Race 2019” are replaced and vanished from the Zwift garage.

Some of them were both (e.g. Assos Speed Club 2019 and Assos Speed Club 2022) in my garage at the same time, but Zwift must have changed something and now only the 2022 kit is there

IMO it’s a bad thing to replace kits.

To me, kits are like Badges, challenges, XP etc. and are there to motivate to go on.
Next to that, someone did all the work for the rides and paid with time, sweat and subscription money. And someone can like the old jersey better or wants to show off the long commitment to Zwift with riding in the older kit.

Of course, it’s just a kit, so no big deal. But IMHO a kit should always be added and never replaced.

@James_Zwift when possible, take it to the development team and grand the zwifters there old jersey back :blush:


We often replace older kits when a newer version is released.

I’ll pass on your feedback.

Not one to keep a close eye on my jerseys but noticed today that my Chasing Cancellara Jersey isn’t visible any more.

In fact it might be two Chasing Cancellara jerseys, as I got one a couple of years ago and probably another a few weeks back. No idea of there’s anything else missing.

Anyone else finding this?

Ah right, yes, found the newer one - as you say, must have replaced the original.