Latest update is rubbish

The latest zwift update is one of the worst in my short time with you. How can you destroy more features than you fix?
So traveling at 42kph come behind somebody drop to 6kph won’t go round them. I’m turning 210w cadence 95 on a 0% incline and I’m down to 6kph for 1km.
The W, Cadence and speed are a joke now.
I’m spinning at 210w and my cadence fluctuates between 75 and 110 every 2 or 3 pedal strokes and I’m doing nothing different.
At the same time my speed can be 30+ kph or 6kph.
Downhill section I’m going for it and my avatar is in the tuck position legs not spinning and just dawdling along at 42kph on a 10% decline.

Honestly free trail with somebody else coming up and to be honest no zwift would be better than this update.

Sounds like you are having issues with your setup, likely signal interference. What devices do you use and how do you pair them to Zwift?

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I agree with Mike that something is likely happening with your specific set up, as opposed to Zwift. If this were a Zwift issue there would already be 300 comments to this thread, plus 12 more threads on the topic. :joy::joy::joy:


This was on 3 devices just put up with it in the end.
Windows10 laptop I7 processor also noticed zwift is hogging 2gb ram again which has reported since the February update which was acknowledged as an issue.

2nd device iPad

3rd device android mobile phone.

Logged out of all 3 devices ( I wasn’t logged into all 3 at the same time)
Restarted them all tried various courses. 50 minutes of faffing and I decided to put up with it on the laptop.

Tacx ant+ connection.

Ther are reports of fluctuations in cadence since the last update.