Latest Companion app problems

So I logged in to my computer, and fired up the Companion app on the iPad, and things were going well, in the paddock, but as soon as the event started, I was left back at the entry screen and giving ride on’s to other people. So I checked the app, and updated it. I got to the main screen, and eventually the event started, and then the map disappeared. So I checked the Zwift app, and updated it, and rebooted the iPad, and now I either get the main screen, or an endless blue Zwift screen, which is what I get on my iPhone too.

A searched in this forum and didn’t find any issues, so wondering what’s going on. The iPad has been sitting at the ‘blue screen’ for over 10 minutes, and it’s not working. Just the blue screen.

It’s odd that the map started disappearing as the event started, yet in the paddock, I was taking pictures and everything seemed ‘normal’.

Thanks if anyone has any idea what’s going on…

Companion version: 3.30.0
Zwift app version: 1.19.2 In case this matters…

So, just for kicks, I deleted the Zwift and Companion apps. I reinstalled the Zwift app, and it’s not logging in. I get the error ‘Failed to log in. Check internet connection’. I rebooted it, and it logs in fine, and the Companion app loaded fine as well. I’ll try another ride tomorrow and see of the Companion behaves better. Could deleting and reinstalling be a fix? Hmm…

See Companion App blue screen [November 2021]

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Thanks, found that first thread after searching blue screens on the Companion app outside the forums.