Last Club Default [November 2022]

The November ‘fix’ where the system would remember which club a ride or run was last saved to and default to that for the next ride or run is broken for Zwift Run. Instead for Zwift Run the system offers the first club on the list (at least for me).

I realize that as with anything having to do with Zwift Run I’m likely shouting into the wind, but I live in hope.

Hi, it’s always been like that for running. The fix i don’t believe targeted running at all.

And yes i suspect it’ll not be top of the list of priorities.

Maybe when level increases arrive it might get some traction.

As noted in another thread -

I’ve never shared an activity with a club, yet after today’s ride, the one club I joined was the default, not my previous selection of “No Club”.

Dan, that’s riding.

Running is different as that’s what the OP was referring to.

Is the behavior different between riding and running on that screen?

To the best of my knowledge the club run feature has never actually worked correctly.

It looks the same but the default club has never been working like it used to on rides.

Sorry Stuart that’s not correct, at least for me. The default always was ‘No Club’ previously.

That’s what I’m saying, for running it’s never remembered your last choice or default. It always reverts to no club.

It’s never worked the same as riding.

From the latest release notes -

Ride used to also revert to no club.
As I posted above, now it chooses {a} club. Regardless of whether or not you chose that club before.
So, I think the behavior of the new change has applied equally to riding and running.

Club setting does NOT remember the No Club choice after its changed from a specific Club to No Club. Its annoying as have to set No Club after every ride.

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Yep. Just noticed that and for me, that might create hard feelings. I didn’t catch it in time. This really!!! Needs to be fixed. Just set it to no club by default and let the person decide if they want to share each time.

Now, how do I undo that share before someone notices?

I don’t think you can undo a share…

To complement the story, on my side I’m in running clubs, riding clubs, and both clubs. Riding would remember last club of the next thing I do is riding again. If I switch to running, it obviously doesn’t show me riding clubs. So I select a club available in running, or let’s say which has both riding and running. Then next thing I do is riding, and last club per default is the one that has running and riding, instead of the previous one that I used in riding.

Last club should be 2 separate entities, one for running and one for riding.

For extra coolness, make it available in companion, because too often I would click save on my phone without looking at my computer screen displaying the wrong club because I expected it to be remembered…

No only does it default to the last club selected, but just now I changed it to “No Club”, sorted out the picture I had to upload and by the time I had finished doing that, it had changed it back to the last club without me noticing - and so saved it to a club even though I had specifically selected “No Club”.

@shooj - can you confirm that this is being investigated as I haven’t seen any recognition from Zwift of this issue?

My 2 ct. I don’t mind it defaulting to last (actual) club selected. However if its initially set to or changed to No Club, then No Club has to become the next default.

According to @James_Zwift, it is being worked on.

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Thanks @Dan_Kothlow - it’s hard to keep track with so many things on so many different forum topics!

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Tried telling them.

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