Large black squares around riders on display

(K R (D)) #1

Random black squares around riders. Any fixes?

(d) #2

what’s your setup? hard to help troubleshoot without any information

(Vincent) #3

Do you still see this black squares after closing Zwift then restarting the app? If you still do, try rebooting your computer.

(K R (D)) #4

Lenovo laptop 540, Windows 10
Have rebooted Zwift and PC.
Not sure if I reloaded Zwift but will try that.


(Jim) #5

On my last ride, a black rectangle (possibly a square, but I wouldn’t swear to it) flickered on occasionally, seemingly centered on the screen. It was always very brief. We’ll see if a reboot helps.

(Jim) #6

A reboot seems to have done the trick.