Laptop woes

Since 2 days ago my laptop won’t run zwift due to the gpu being too old. Just wondering what spec of laptop people are using here

That change to supported GPUs hasn’t started yet, although it’s soon (later this month, with the 1.23 release). See Upcoming Changes to Supported GPUs [March 2022]

Are you sure?
I just get a blank screen when using my laptop where last week it would login fine

That’s a known issue with the launcher, not a problem with your laptop.

Right-click on the Zwift icon in the system tray (bottom right of the screen, near the clock) and hit Exit. Then try loading Zwift again.


you can just right click the icon on the taskbar and close that way too. Or at least that works for me seems like different things work for different people!

That just closes the window, it doesn’t kill zwiftlauncher.exe. Works sometimes - as does right-clicking in the window and hitting refresh - but closing the launcher properly from the system tray (or Task Manager) is a better method.

for me closing the white window doesn’t work (neither does refreshing) but right clicking on the taskbar and closing that way works every time. It is a weird issue that seems to have different solutions for everyone!

Thanks guys, all seems to be in order now.
When is the graphics change happening?
I guess I will have an issue then

The unsupported gpu will start with the March game update, most likely will drop next week.

Edit: or today :man_facepalming:

Not necessarily, depends on its specs. Post them and we can advise.

The HD 3000 GPU is no longer supported with the update that was released today. The current minimum requirements are pretty reasonable so it shouldn’t be too difficult to meet them. You may want to double check the minimum requirements on our supported devices article, but the point that is most likely to cause trouble is the RAM (Memory)

After the system update it tells me im using intel hd 3000 graphic card which is not supported and boots me out.very annoying

Might cancel subscription

Sorry Andy, that is not supported anymore. If you don’t have another device to run Zwift like a phone or tablet then you may need to invest in a new/used PC. You can do so very inexpensively, no need to buy a gaming laptop or something for $1,000’s of dollars.

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Would something with a ‎AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 gpu work ok?

Will work, but not really recommended for Zwift for technical reasons.

So what is recommended

Ideally Nvidia graphics, or Intel (except 10th or 11th gen).

Nvidia looks very dear.
Would Intel uhd 605 be ok?

It looks like that GPU goes with the Pentium Silver which barely meets the minimum requirements and may not get the framerates you’re hoping for. I run Zwift on a Pentium Gold with an Intel UHD which is nice and stable but only gets around 20 FPS and I would expect a Pentium Silver to run lower.