Laptop Stand

I didn’t want to spend much money on a stand so I made my own out of 3/4" PVC pipe and painted with a steel colored paint. Turned out great. Hopefully the photo shows here.


Very nice. Is the top “table” solid or just a square of PVC that is smaller that the laptop?

How sturdy is it?


The top is just a rectangle of PVC sized so the rubber buttons on base of laptop sit on the PVC elbows. I may attach a piece of black poster board to the top though.

It’s plenty sturdy enough as long as you use the schedule 40 pipe.

Cool… photo is very clear… I just used an old camera tripod and bought a $5 IKEA laptop holder and bolted that onto the camera mount (with reinforcing platform of plywood). Very sturdy and adjustable angle,etc.  Definitely no need to waste $$ on a laptop holder…better spent on cycling gear :slight_smile:

I use this:, cheap as well as functional

I made a similar stand but used 1 1/4 inch PVC to aid stiffness and used Plexiglas for the desk surface.  I had to add a support under the desk surface to prevent it from bowing under the weight of a 30 inch monitor.  I also have to use a mouse pad since the device will not work on the clear surface.  Cost about $20, but I already had the tubing and Plexiglas.

Looks great Russell