Lap timer and progress bar

(Mark Read) #1

Rather than just have the lap timer come up in the last few hundred metres. What about having it from the start and with a progress bar that shows how close you are to your best. This would enable you to pace your effort better as by the time you get 500m out it may well be to late to make a difference.

(Doug Goglia) #2

I’d like an independent interval timer that you could start/stop with a keyboard shortcut, and an ability to see current power and average power over the interval.

(Roni Chotoveli) #3

Yes, but it could not work for the first lap, as not always you start at the same spot. So for laps after the first that’s a GREAT idea.

(Andrew Weinstein) #4

yes, agreed. and related - is there currently any indication of where you are in the loop? that would be nice to see, and if there is one right now, i’m missing it (which is possible as i’ve only done one real ride so far).