Lamb Chop Race Series

Can someone provide an up to date link with the events for this series? The links that I have found in emails and Google search results all point to a broken link. I’m wanting to see when the series events are in my local time zone.

Case in point:


This should get you there

Any information as to what happened in the first race off this series? Looks like everyone crashed a couple of hundred meters into the event?

Yeah my zwift crashed right at the start. I was in group C. Did it happen to others too?

Yes, also happened to me. I sent an support ticket to Zwift to make then aware of it.
This was frustrating! :frowning:

Yes it pissed me right off.

Can we get the link so we can add in our comments and support of the issue?

The live tracking on zwiftpower had everyone making it about 200m along the road and then no further, which was roughly where my device crashed.

To have what must have been close to 1000 riders (there were ~330 in Cat C) screwed over in a race like that is pretty disappointing.

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I’ve sent an email directly… so there’s no link for support.

They answered in few hours saying that the report was upgrated to Tier2 support… let’s wait!