Kurt Kinetic New Road Machine Control T-6400 Freezes on 12% or greater inclines

I have the New T-6400 paired with ATV to ZWIFT. The KK control unit consistently will start buzzing really loudly and pretty much freezes up the resistance whenever I climb a 12% or greater incline. This first happened in the Tour of LDN Stage 2 about a mile or less from the end and then twice again today in Stage 4. In each instance, it’s nearly impossible to pedal (lowest gearing and the tire will slip and squeal) and I need to get off the bike and unplug the power to the trainer, plug it back in and reconnect, then I can continue the ride.

At one point in Stage 2, the resistance was way out of sorts before the 12% grade issue. I got a warning from ZWIFT that there was a problem with my equipment or missed my calling as a pro. LOL Certainly didn’t miss any callings!! :slight_smile:

Anyone else have the same trainer and same issue? The trainer firmware version is 1.13 and I use the latest Android version of Kinetic Fit to calibrate. I use Wahoo speed and cadence sensors.


I had the same problem today on Stage 4 and noticed the noise on stage 2. I unplugged the unit after the ride and plugged it back in and the noise stopped. I use the smart control for the controllable part, but the power reading and cadence comes from my powertap pedals. I have the same trainer, just got it a couple of weeks ago.

It’s nice to know it’s not just my trainer.
I opened a support ticket with Kurt Kinetic after this mornings Stage 4 ride. No response yet.


Great - I also submitted a ticket, so they know it’s not an isolated incident. Let me know if you get it resolved.

I found this article on kurtkinetic. The issue may be from the way I ride on ZWIFT. I do shift gears to try to maintain a certain cadence as I would out on the road. It looks like I shouldn’t be doing that with the ERG interactive control unit.



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@Russ_Gilbert, it’s also possible that those units simply don’t support anything over 10% gradient. According to the link you shared that is the maximum.

However, you would hope that it would do something reasonable if the app tries to go over 10%, so it’s probably worth following up with KK about that.

Yes, I think it does have to do with limitations of the control unit as it happens consistently at the same place on the course. I would hope that it would just stay at the 10% max and not get brick-walled.

I see another topic for a similar issue stating the resistance sticks at the top of the hill.

I’m hopeful the next firmware release will resolve it.


I also would have assumed that they had built the max into their software, but maybe that’s coming. I heard back from support - should unplug unit then plug it back in when it gets stuck/noisy. Not an ideal solution in the middle of a ride / race, but hopefully it won’t be an ongoing problem. I wonder if changing the trainer difficulty from 50% to 20%-30% might help?

Hi Jenn,
It appears my support ticket request was never added. I had to hop off twice on the Tour Of LDN stage 4 to unplug and reset mine. On stage 2, I just powered through it to the end.

I’ll place a remote power switch in line to the trainer to speed up the process.


UGH!! I’ve reached my limit with the New KK RMC T-6400. As I started stage 5 @ 4:00 PM, about a mile in the unit started the loud buzzing and lost all resistance. My Watts were in the high 500 and I wasn’t working hard at all. and passing a lot of riders. I stopped and did the unplug process but it wouldn’t clear. Tried several more times then gave up. Quit the ZWIFT app, removed the Kinetic fit app from my android and left the KK unit unplugged.
Opened a support ticket with KK and received a RMA to return the unit and get my $$$ back.

I registered for the 5:00 PM stage 5 and did that one and again as soon as I went over the 10% incline, the KK RMC unite again brick walled. I got off the bike and again did the unplug to reset. Each time doing that I loose about 45 - 60 seconds off my time. That is not an acceptable fix from KK.

I’m moving onto some other more reliable unit.


I have the exact same problem (trainer freezes up on steep hill ). If indeed this is due to the KK control not adapting above 10% then I would expect the unit to limit to the corresponding resistance but not to lock up - sounds like a bug or poor design.

I also have a problem where my trainer loses bluetooth pairing with my IOS device while all other bluetooth devices are ok. Any one experienced this ?

I returned my KK T-6400 to KK (still waiting for the refund) and bought a Tacx Neo II. No more issues with resistance or BT connectivity.


Thanks Russ. I am waiting for KK to get back to me but I am running out of patience and hope on my KK T-6400 and will most likely return it. I hope you get your refund soon.

Steve @ KK has been very responsive. I’ve no complaints with their support. Just was disappointed with the T-6400. I did receive my refund and I still have my original T-6200 with the added in-ride sensor. My girlfriend uses it.


Thanks Russ,

I have no complaint towards the support I have received from KK (I also dealt with Steve) - he has been responsive - but despites 3 weeks on ongoing troubleshooting with feedback/support from Zwift, KK and the seller,I have not been able to get the unit to keep BT pairing, making the trainer unusable. The last proposal was to disable all BT devices around and not have multiple apps on the same IOS device as having Kinetic Fit and Zwift on the same device would cause problem. I even tried with a completely new IOS device running Zwift and it did not help.

I am sending the trainer back for refund today and will be looking at alternatives.

I had the same BT difficulties and would stop all BT apps on my android and other devices in the area that would also try to connect with my ATV. Many times requiring I uninstall the zwift app from the ATV or even resetting the ATV and starting clean.

It has been much easier with the Tacx Neo II but I still need to make sure I don’t have the Tacx utility running on my android via BT or I can’t connect to Zwift via the ATV. But most all the other previous hassles with BT haven’t been an issue when using the Neo II.

Many users have had issues with the cadence via the Tacx Neo II but I chose pair my wahoo cadence sensor directly with the ATV and Zwift instead of using or piggy backing with the Tacx Neo II

Wish you the best with whatever unit you pick.