Kinetic R1

hola, tengo un problema con Zwift que no consigo solucionar
utilizo el rodillo Kinetic R1
pues resulta que por veces no me simula bien el terreno, cuando es subida me va en bajada y así viceversa

Hello, I have a problem with Zwift that I cannot solve
I use the Kinetic R1 roller
as it turns out that sometimes the terrain does not simulate me well, when it is uphill it goes downhill and vice versa

Silly question here as I ride the Kinetic R! trainer too.
Have you gone into the Kinetic app to calibrate it? I didn’t at first and it was a nightmare riding Zwift routes AND if you unplug the trainer you’ll need to re-calibrate. It worked for me and its like real road riding.
Just a thought.

¡Pregunta tonta aquí mientras monto el Kinetic R! entrenador también.
¿Has entrado en la aplicación Kinetic para calibrarla? Al principio no lo hice y fue una pesadilla recorrer las rutas de Zwift Y si desconectas al entrenador, tendrás que volver a calibrarlo. Funcionó para mí y es como andar en carretera real.
Solo un pensamiento.

Thank you very much for your response Richard,
but already entered the Kinetic application to calibrate it and it’s ok,
I’m still a nightmare, I can’t do the FTP tests on rampla since it doesn’t read the terrain, the descents are climbed and vice versa

Hi Pablo, I have the same problem. It seems that the R1 is several seconds (maybe 10?) behind Zwift, so when I’m riding uphill it acts as if its the flats, and if I ride downhill it acts like I’m still climbing. It’s very frustrating and completely ruins the immersive experience Zwift is supposed to provide. I’m running Zwift on my Mac and have the R1 connected to the Mac through bluetooth directly, rather than through an app. I’m interested to hear your configuration…? I’m next going to try running Zwift on my iPhone to see if the experience is better in terms of syncing the effort with Zwift. Today I rode with the Kinetic Fit app (on my iPhone) instead of Zwift and everything seemed to work well, so I don’t know that it’s a trainer issue necessarily.

Best, John

Today I used Zwift on my iPhone instead of my Mac and there was no discernible lag. I’m going to try connecting my Mac through the Zwift Companion app to see if that’s any better. Hard to imagine it would be, but then again, hard to see why there should be such a lag in the first place.

Hi John,
so you tell me the 2 we have the same problem, I also have the R1 connected to Mac directly. By what you tell me R1 directly to Iphone the problem is solved?
Contact Kinetic support directly
They say
We will have to check the belt tension. Here is a video for reference.

We have seen some freehub bodies arrive or they dry up a bit. If you have a light grease that you can apply to the inner face and pawls of the free hub body (shown in the attached photo) this should eliminate free hub catch while turning freely and greatly reduce the amount of noise from your R1.

Here is a video of how to remove and install your freehub body. You do not need to remove the cassette for this procedure.
After coughing well the problem continues