Anyone using the new Kinetic R1 on Zwift yet?

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Anyone here own the new direct drive trainer from Kinetic, the R1 yet? Looking for a current owner user perspective, not a re-seller or Kinetic support or people that have just read or watched reviews.

If you’ve got it, what do you like and dislike about it specific to using with Zwift. I’m seeing quite a bit of negative stuff on YouTube regarding stability/QA so I’m curious if it works well for some folks here.


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    Also would like to hear opinion about Kinetic R1.
    I’m using the latest Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart 2 and really like it, but looking for a real smart trainer with direct drive.
    If R1 gives the same on bike feel as Rock and Roll Smart 2 , but with real smart drive features, I’m definitely for it.
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Any news on Kinetic R1?..

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I have one. Have had it about 5 days. I do have an issue with the freehub (it catches on spin down), but reported it to Kinetic and a new one is being sent.
Now… it seems to report my power WAY high (like in the 400 range - yup just call me Superman! Maybe i should turn pro, now that I am 50…lol:rofl:!!l)… I’m hoping that is related to the freehub needing to be replaced? Might be more related to not getting calibrated properly??? To calibrate, you need to use the Kinetic app, then disconnect and go into Zwift, but I haven’t found where a calibration number should go. Currently Zwift doesnt show a button to calibrate within the app for the R1… maybe I am not looking in the right place??

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Hi, Stephen,
Thank you for the answer.
So, you need to calibrate it each time before any ride on Zwift?
As I understand the R1 model could be used also without any additional apps or electricity as a usual fluid trainer, what make it really cool.
And what will you say about general feelings during the ride on this trainer?
I’m having he Rock&Roll Smart 2 and since the beginning the whole thing with calibration was too complicated. When connecting to Zwift it is really simple and straight forward connection and the trainer connecting immediately. But when I would like to calibrate the trainer on Kinetic app I was able to do it maybe twice out 10 or even maybe 15 times.

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I may just go for a TacX Neo, I read that those are zero-calibration and I just wanna get on the bike and ride. I know some folks who own direct-drive trainers who just calibrate when they setup their trainer and only re-calibrate when they move it, but it seems like all the other trainer manufacturers recommend spin-down calibrations every 2 weeks or so. If I can spend $200 more and not have to do that, I may just do that.

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@Adam_Qwert_Nayana: Yes you need to calibrate each time. Not sure about the other trainers (Kickr, Neo), but I think they also need a calibration… At least occasionally, as belts loosen up over time of use.
Yes, you can use the R1 as a “stand-alone” unplugged trainer (i.e. for warm-ups prior to an actual race, out in the real world is the most common reason that I see for this - You can apparently set a resistance level in the app prior to unplugging and heading off, but I have not checked into this, yet).
General feelings: I like it. Now, having said that, I have pretty much no experience on other wheel-off or even smart trainers… After several reviews, I leaned towards the R1 as it allows the rocking motion, that I was accustomed to from my Rock & Roll fluid trainer, AND off course it is less pricey than the Kickr.
@_Nightyear: Yup, I looked at the TacX Neo as well… Definitely a cool set-up there. Hadn’t read that they are zero-calibration. Yeah, the spin down calibrations are apparently due to the wear/stretching of the belts, etc… over time. The actual calibrations take very little time… I quick peddle up to about 40KMpH, then coast down to stop - So maybe 30 seconds. Though you should warm the trainers up first for about 10 mins (give or take) --> Basically do your own regular warm-up on the bike, then do the calibration, and go! So not a huge inconvenience, but I hear you about just wanting to go.

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Yes, I’ve took my Rock&Roll version for the rocking motion also. Tried different trainers in gym and never liked the “stable and non moving sensation”. And this does not mean that I’m always standing on the bike for the rocking motion ), even during the slow ride the Kinetic bike is moving slightly - this is what makes my ride comfortable.

Well…yes , me at some point I’ve just stopped to calibrate mine. I do think that I’m loosing a little bit of power when not calibrating, noticed that during the ride on another trainer in gym when suddenly I was able to push more than usually I do on my own trainer. But again, for the usual fun ride it is totally enough for me, although most of the riders will not like it and I should really calibrate it before competitions for sure.
I wounder how many riders out there that not really calibrating their trainer before each ride.

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Yeah, I think the time I least want to stop and calibrate is after a 10 minute warmup. Part of the issue is that wheel-on trainers have a tensioner adjustment that you typically can’t get to while you’re on the bike, so you’re climbing off, adjusting it, then re-doing a spin down, then climbing off and re-adjusting until it’s dialed in. That’s usually 3 or 4 iterations for me to get close to “7” for the Rock and Roll Smart trainer. It’s pretty inconvenient and it just kills the focus and momentum of the workout to me. I get that stopping for calibration doesn’t bug everyone, but I want to buy my way out of that hassle, so I think I may go with a Tacx Neo.

There just aren’t enough positive reviews of the R1 at this point to go with it, and all I’ve been able to find are negative reports about the QA that Kinetic hasn’t done.

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I have just got R1 for 3 week.
I have to say the power is not accurate compare to my Assioma power meter.
The calibration sometime ok sometime not. I think they have to fix this problfm as soon as possible.
I also found " catch up free hub " but I lube the freehub frank with chisn loop and it is ok now.
My solution now is pair
power with Assioma.
control Trainer with kinetic.
My assumption is R1 calculate power from the time that speed slowdown not from the torque.

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I’m thinking of buying the R1 cause it’s on sale here for 600 Euros.
So it’s the cheapest direct drive trainer you can get new with warranty here.
Is it worth it?

Why hasn’t GPLama made a Lama Lab Test yet?
Till now there are only YT Videos of that guy who only unboxing it and the one whose device is broken :frowning:

Till now I’m riding on an old Tacx Blue Motion and I don’t have a power meter.
Thought about buying a used Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ but you need to calibrate it properly with a power meter.