Kikr-Climb not working properly

Hi. Anyone have problem with Kikr-Climb.
Mine works ok going uphill but going downhill it dont reach the lowest grade in any point. It stoppes in about -6 degrees.

Picture shows the problem

BR Jouni

When going downhill you are only doing half of the gradient when in zwift - so your 12% is correct in only reaching 6%.

This is for 100% trainer difficulty setting, as you drop that to a lower level, you will also increase the difference between actual & felt gradient.

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Yeh. I’m using 100% trainer difficulty. But why is it working ok when going uphill. Then it’s working perfectly. What the problem downhill. Should be able to work ok there too.
Well it not that big problem but…

No need for HACK’s.


It seems KICKR Climb declines are cut to 50% in Zwift and this can not be worked around.

I have KICKR Bike and I know it is similar (but a bit different) using the Wahoo SYTSM X training programs. I think you can specify a max downhill gradient, and the default is not very low. In my experience, it’s better this way as a longer downhill can put quite a good bit of pressure on your hands and gets uncomfortable after a bit. IMHO, it’s less immersive and more distracting at steeper downhill gradients compared to uphill, which is more immersive.

YEAH. Well, It’s not that big problem. Just have to get along with it.