Kicks - Workout mode @The Pretzel

(Sascha Held) #1

Experienced significant drops in W during 100k plus ride in workout mode today.

Setup: Windows 10 Laptop; Wahoo Kickr

Structure was 30m 160-200w; 1:45 210w; 1:45 230w; 30 250w

It felt like the drops much below target W and even to 0 happened largely on uphills.  Also frequently caused ERG mode to be turned off. At times could only “repair” by going into Wahoo utility, control Kick via this app and eventually Swift would get back to Erg and target W.

Sometimes the actually W felt by resistance/legs and shown by Wahoo utility were around target W number but Swift showed significantly less or 0. 

Really annoying. First considered interference but did not happen in normal ride mode and do not experience any interference with PerPro Studio in normal mode or Erg mode.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Sascha, 

We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues there, you may have to submit a ticket but before you do so please try following.

  1. Reinstall Zwift on your PC
  2. Make sure your KICKR is up to date using Wahoo Utility app (iOS or Android)
  3. Make sure Zwift is no running on your PC
  4. Restart the trainer - disconnect - wait 15 seconds - reconnect
  5. Perform Standard Spindown using  Wahoo Fitness App or Wahoo Utility App (Turn off the the app completely when done)
  6. Launch Zwift for the test

ERG mode will be ON as you start the workout, however if you will straggle (very low cadence) or stop pedalling the ERG mode will be disabled (you will get a message on the screen). In order to get ERG mode working again you will need to reach your target power and sustain there for few second. (again - you will get a message on the screen saying it’s back ON)

This usually fixes this issue, if not please click HERE and submit a ticket and include your ‘‘fit’’ file and ‘‘log’’ file from that ride and we will take a look at it for you. 

Thank you very much.