Kickr - Zwift Connection issues again

Hi, 1st time on the forums and i’m sure the above has been discussed a million times so it’s just easier for me to start a thread from scratch as I’m getting nowhere with this !!

I’m quite an experienced user on level 50 but my connection is getting worse & worse. I have a kickr snap via ant+ and the pc has a direct connect back to the router.

I am now 90% of the time riding solo, when there are other riders its for about 20 seconds and they all start looping about, reading up on this states it’s my bad internet connection. How can this be with a direct connect.

I’d like to check which cable should be used to direct connect, RJ45, RJ11, CAT5 etc etc. I didn’t do the original install and the terminology is a bit alien to me so apologies in advance. The cable has been fine previously but just recently over the last couple of months it’s just getting worse & worse. If I know exactly which one is the best to use I shall purchase that.

Also, I see a Wahoo direct connect dongle is available @£80.00, this makes absolute sense… but zwift haven’t supported it yet!

So, any advise on the best thing to do for my situation would be greatly appreciated, really love zwift but this is as they say ‘doing my nut in’ !!

It does sound like a bad connection to Zwift’s servers. But that covers a lot more ground than just the cable to your router.

Have you tried rebooting your router to see if that helps? What sort of internet connection do you have, e.g. speed, and have you done any tests to check latency?


Yes - rebooted the router a few times to no avail. The only thing that seemed to make a difference was I did a Window update a few weeks ago, it was fine for a week, but now back to normal.
Just done a speed test, did 2, this is the average - 63Mbs download, 15Mbs upload… Is that good / bad?


Those figures sound ok, what about latency?

A CAT 5 cable should be fine. Obviously as long as it hasn’t been damaged.

Does this only happen at certain times of day, or all the time?

What if you try and run a speed test at the moment when it starts going wrong? The speed test won’t be using Zwift’s servers, but it can still tell you if your broadband connection is healthy or not.

Just to clarify, irrespective of it being unsupported at present, this deals with the communication between your trainer and PC. Which is a different issue altogether to the one you’re experiencing.

I think the direct connect only works with the new V5 Kickr and wouldn’t be an option for the snap anyway.

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True, I missed that. Point remains though, in case anyone else sees this.

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Latency seems ok, for the record I ride solo most of the time, It’s unusual to see anyone else…

Thanks for the help & comments but not sure what i should do next… Try another cable?

That certainly sounds like a network issue

other things you could try:

  • reboot the computer
  • disable windows firewall
  • disable any antivirus software
  • reboot your modem
  • re install zwift
  • check to see if any other programs are doing weird stuff with the internet connection on your computer

this doesn’t seem like it has any thing to do with your trainer – it seems like more of a computer problem.

Hi all,

Thanks for the help & suggestion, much appreciated.

I bought a new CAT6 cable, wifi booster, usb lead, rebooted everything & still nothing.
I then did a system restore on the PC wiping everything and re-installing Win10 internally, re-installed Zwift…(Drum Roll) Works a treat.!!
I did a full 1 1/2 hours last night and I had full company all the way, what a treat.

Hopefully this may help others …

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