Kick'r Snap

(David Hewes) #1

Anyone having issues with Kick’r Snap speeds? They are about 5-6 mph slower. With the power tap hub and cyclops super magneto, they were good. Also, it feels as if the power reading are off as well. Going up Zwift KOM, I am struggling to get 250w and 7-8 mph. I am a cat 1 mtb and cat 3 roadie, and I am pretty sure that those numbers arent correct. Again, with hub I was hitting 400w @ 14-15mph. Any ideas?

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #2

mate have you checked that now you are using a new device you have gone into settings and selected 100% for difficulty. You need to do this with the device paired.

(David Hewes) #3

checked that…it was at 20% or so. Even on the flats, it felt pretty rough.

(Gildas Houmard [ASC]) #4

David, did this fix your issue ? I have the same problem with the speed slower than expected.