Kickr Rollr v Kickr Core

Hi, I currently use a Kickr Rollr for Zwift paired to a power crank arm but is there any benefit in me upgrading to a Kickr Core smart trainer?

I’ve never used the rollr, does it simulate gradient and change resistance? How is it on tires, do you find it wears them out (wouldn’t be an issue with the core). You probably can’t use the rollr with the climb either, if that is ever of interest to you (climb works with the core).

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Smart Bike Trainers has a video comparing the Rollr with the Kickr V5 that might be helpful (not exactly like the Core but the differences are not hard to find between those two)

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I don’t have either so can’t really comment. However I’m fairly sure that if you didn’t already have the ROLLR and were asking which to buy almost all would say go for the Core.

DC Rainmaker produces great reports.

Brief summary ? -
Core quieter and provides 16% gradient as against 10% gradient if those things are important to you.

ROLLR ease of mounting bike if it is constantly used indoors and outdoors.

I’m sure there are other differences.

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I initially bought the Rollr as only had one bike for outdoors and indoors training so it made sense to get the Rollr so I didn’t have to keep taking the rear wheel off and attaching the cassette. However, I now have another road bike so the old Scot RC is now a dedicated trainer bike. The Rollr definitely applies resistance for climb and in ERG mode increased power etc so does the job there well. But wont work with Climb. Doesn’t seem to be a big issue on wear and tear on tyres so far but TBH haven’t been doing much indoor training, thus the reason I am back on Zwift.

Thanks for sharing this video, very interesting on the comparison and has given me a lot more food for thought.