Kickr Cassette Woble

(Huw Williams) #1

Anyone know why the cassette wobbles on my Kickr when rotating?
It happens on all cassettes, even brand knew cassettes, and when installed on my wheels are fine.
Everything torqued to spec, installed and indexed correctly.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

Did you add the spacer. Is it a 10 speed cassette on a 11 speed Kickr freehub body?

(Huw Williams) #3

Hi, no it’s an 11 speed cassette.

(G reenfritos(SVCG)) #4

Is your freewheel body worn? If at some point the cassette came loose and you used your Kickr that could wear the body down, so any cassette would wobble. I’ve seen this on wheels before, and required a new body to be installed. Check for wear on the body, digs in the ridges. Using a body/cassette combo that wobbles for any time will worsen this, so I wouldn’t use your Kickr until it’s solved.